Darling – Ends in Fantasy

Darling is a Quad Cities based band formed in June of1994. The Quad Cities consist of the Iowa cities of Davenport and Bettendorf and the Illinois cities of Rock Island and Moline.

Concerned with ecstasy, the self and the question of expression: Darling often find themselves preoccupied with artistic concerns.

The band take as much influence from the passionately spare paintings of Mark Rothko and the madness of William S. Burroughs as they do in the realm of music; giving their work an evocative, sensual appeal.

  1. Graveyard Girl
  2. Sever
  3. First Song
  4. Faith and Cinders
  5. Ave Maria
  6. Last Song
  7. In Your Mouth
  8. Adore Me
  9. Sleeper

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