Dwindle – Days Away

Two long years have passed since the release of dwindle’s last full length record “recently okay.” the anticipation among their small but loyal following had just about reached its peak when in october, dwindle travelled to washington d.c’s legendary inner ear studios to record their long awaited follow up. dwindle spent one week with jawbox almunus j. robbins (jets to brazil, the promise ring, dismemberment plan, kerosene 454, compound red) and came home with their new record “days away.” the new album features a more subtle and developed (dare we say “produced?”) style than on previous releases. “days away” continues the dwindle tradition of melodic guitar playing, propulsive drumming, dynamic rhythms and low key vocals. gimmee indie rock!

  1. Second Opinion
  2. All that Remains
  3. Collaborator
  4. Unheard and Unseen
  5. Detail Report
  6. The Fall Guy
  7. Time’s Not Stopping
  8. Exit Wound
  9. Doubting Intentions

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