Dwindle – Expectance Acceptance

In theory this EP was supposed to come out in early 2001. But as often the case in Indie Rock, greater forces prevailed. The concept was that an EP would serve as way to calm down dwindle’s small, but loyal fan base until a proper follow up to the critically acclaimed 1999 Guilt Ridden Pop release Days Away could be recorded and released. Expectance Acceptance was recorded in the depths of Minneapolis and then mixed and transformed by J. Robbins at Inner Ear in Washington DC. Dwindle has since recorded a full length CD with J. Robbins which is scheduled to be mixed in spring of 2002. A release date for the album will be announced in the near future.

  1. Resigned
  2. End of an Error
  3. Time is Tight
  4. Save For Future Use
  5. Normative Forecasting
  6. Normative Version

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