Jan – The Early Year

The Early Year is the debut full length from the Twin Cities based melodic pop band JAN. Jan was formed in 1999 by Guitarist/Vocalist Jeaneen Gauthier with Andy Gruhn (ex-Animal Chin) and Nick Hook (ex-Kelly Deal 6000). Produced by Jacques Wait (The Magnolias, Mark Mallman, The Beatifics), The Early Year captures a Manic/Depressive Indie Rock/Alterna Easy-Listening sound that has Jan being compared to artists such as Mary Lou Lord, Lori Carson and Petula Clark.

  1. Things I Imagine
  2. Dreamin’
  3. Baby Forgot How
  4. Happy All The Time?
  5. Dumb Guy
  6. (I Just Wanna) See Your Face
  7. Fred Rogers
  8. Anxious Imaginations
  9. Scanner
  10. Unknown Country
  11. Baby G

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