Kill to Kill – Fighter

1. Radical Flyer
Kill to Kill  

2. Sugar Sugar
Kill to Kill  

“Fighter” is like a collection of diary entries and explorations into instrumentation. Kill to Kill tends to dislike the guitar – favoring bass and baritone guitars as the main vessels of sonic delivery. There are no traditional guitars on the album. Sylvia plays bass or baritone guitar and Chad plays a bass VI (a 30” scale six-stringed baritone guitar tuned one octave down from the standard guitar and not anything like the modern six-stringed bass). Minimal and aggressive, the “dual-bass harmony” is exactly the sound Kill to Kill has set out to achieve – two bass guitars fighting for dominance under ethereal female vocals and a hard hitting kick drum supplanting the role of “stringed” low-end in the mix.

Radical Flyer
Sugar Sugar


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