Malachi Constant – Infinite Justice

The summery men of tomorrow are back for right now. Malachi Constant is dropping “Infinite Justice” like an addict drops an addiction. It’s 2004 but the record feels like its Christmas Eve 2015. Reeling from the critical acclaim of 2002’s “Zenith,” Saint Paul’s patron saints took up a few habits and hung with punk influences which led to some examinations of what was happening. Their lifestyle hide-and-go seek was a tough bind to be in so come and get it. Going to their own concerts, Malachi Constant gained grit. If post-rock is dead, what follows? Rap? It’s a double negative; e.g., “We don’t not have a guitar.” A time for departure from genres – a return to the band. Featuring blackberry, bluetooth and nursery rhymes that teach you how to count. Countless tours will follow.

  1. creativity
  2. the wind in the willows
  3. explosive height
  4. arts and crafts
  5. saigon kick
  6. phoning it in
  7. team straight up
  8. beyond dark castle
  9. tanz
  10. knocking boots

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