Malachi Constant – Zenith

The members of Malachi Constant all met at a decrepit rehabilitation center in St. Paul. It was during that recovery period that debates over the musical merits of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Styx and Phillip Glass led to the formation of a band whose musical vision would stunt the growth of godless liberalism. As the result of many years of selling drugs the band was able to release several of their own recordings. The band members and their loved ones have successfully destroyed all existing copies of the recordings. The Mike Wisti produced Zenith album from Malachi Constant is a new pinnacle in recorded music. Malachi Constant is definitely serious about music. Zenith is a conservatory-trained musical romp!

  1. The Spice of Life
  2. Happenstance
  3. Rhythms
  4. Risks
  5. Global Capitalism’s Exploitation Breeds Poverty and Despair
  6. Witchblade
  7. Funny Pony
  8. I’m Enjoying Myself Hugely
  9. Horizons
  10. Achieva

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