Mark Mallman and Vermont

The Mark Mallman and Vermont Mini-Album is the collaborative effort between Minneapolis Pop iconoclast Mark Mallman and Vermont (featuring Promise Ring’s Davy Von Bohlen and Dan Didier along with Pele’s Chris Roseneau). Recorded in Milwaukee, WI at the windowless Vermont practice space in 110-degree heat, these intimate recordings capture a moody world of broken down Chevys on hotel room summer nights.

  1. Dear Glory
  2. Too Hot
  3. Four Letter World
  4. Symphony NO. In D Minor op. 125 Fourth Movement
  5. Romeo Daze
  6. We Only Have Each Other in the Night (Revisited)
  7. Journal Entry from the Poolside Veranda of an East Coast Holiday Inn
  8. When the Night Gets You Clinging to it
  9. **** World

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