Superhopper – Does this sound exciting yet?

“Does This Sound Exciting Yet?” is the newest offering from Superhopper. Hailing from the bars of Saint Paul, Superhopper continues the booze-fueled legacy of the twin cities music scene by delivering loud, fast and catchy-ass rock and roll. Starting with the full throttle of New Fresh Midwest to the mournful notes of resignation in the album closing What It Takes, “Does This Sound Exciting Yet?” sounds off on dealing with the day to day realities while trying to find time to spend on one’s dreams.

1. New Fresh Midwest
2. I Am Scheming
3. Something Real Cool
4. Hoodoo Voodoo and the Paranoia
5. Twenty Seven
6. Laraine Newman
7. Button
8. Ru Still Down?
9. Backslash Wall
10. I Am the Hermit
11. Untitled
12. What It Takes


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