The Mulitiple Cat – The Return of the Multiple Cat

  1. His Master’s Voice 02:14
  2. The Hill Pt. 1 02:53
  3. The Other World 02:34
  4. Flood 07:57
  5. Disaster! 05:45
  6. Know Past, Know Future 04:57
  7. Vampire Bats, Mall Rats 04:48
  8. The River 02:23

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Phil Sterk drummed on His Master’s Voice and played pedal steel on The River.

Phil Pracht played drums on The Flood, The Other World, and Know Past Know Future, as well as singing on Know Past Know Future.

Marty Reyhons Played drums on Disaster!, Vampire Bats/Mall Rats, and The Hill Part 1.

Sean Moeller sang backups on Know Past Know Future, and Jeff Konrad played a bit of piano on that one as well.

Jamey Cummins did the delay piano on Vampire Bats/Mall Rats.

Patrick Stolley did all the rest: guitar, bass, keys, percussion, vocals.

Thanks to Wes Haas for the main guitar riff of Flood.

This record was recorded at Futureappletree Studio Too in various locales … Rock Island, Illinois, The Pierce School Mall in Davenport, Iowa, and at home on 8 and 24 track analog tape, mixed to ¼” tape.

Produced, engineered, mixed by Patrick Stolley.

Mastered by Carl Saff, Chicago.

Sleeve design by Tod Foley.

This effort is dedicated to my parents, who died separately over the five years it took to see it through.


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