The Multiple Cat – Elements of

Over the group’s four years and six releases, more than 20 Quad City, Iowa/Illinois artists have lent their talents to the Multiple cat cause. As for the music itself, the songs are as varied as the line-up that plays them, without straying too far from the group’s avant-pop explorations at it’s core. Having gelled into the most cohesive work to date, “Elements Of” runs the gamut from the drum and bass groove of “My Mantra” to the dark psychodrama of “The Housewife.” Art Rock hat-tippings occur on such tunes as “What You Know, What You Think You Know” and “The Nebula” as well as good old light pop numbers like “Little Pieces” and “Rod and Apples.” “Elements Of” promises to keep the listener guessing while leaving them surprised to see such sugarcoated complexity going down so smoothly.

  1. Our Horizon
  2. Little Pieces
  3. What You Know, What You Think You Know
  4. The Housewife
  5. The Car Was a Bullet
  6. Waxing
  7. My Mantra
  8. Panik!
  9. The Nebula
  10. Rods and Apples
  11. Handle
  12. Calling All Sinners…

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