Volante – 45 degrees north

45 Degrees North is the debut full length CD from the Twin Cities based band Volante. The album was produced by J. Robbins at Inner Ear. The album captures a sound that is both dynamic and filled with jagged beauty. Without being heavy handed, Volante encourages the listener to think. Volante have built their following with a slew of all ages shows along with high profile shows opening for The Dismemberment Plan, Hot Water Music and most recently, Tenacious D.

  1. Sounding
  2. Common Elemental
  3. Selling Time
  4. Seleccione Un Idioma
  5. Hum
  6. Watching Sita Burn
  7. Raze
  8. Fight Song
  9. Arms to Fly
  10. Broken but Clean

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