Volante – Static until sunrise

“Static Until Sunrise” is the long awaited full length follow up to the critically acclaimed 2001 release 45 Degrees North. The emotionally tumultuous record took a long time to come together as a whole as reflected in the lyrics of Gabe Shapiro. The record was written during the worst of times as Gabe dealt with his father battling a terminal illness and the subsequent depression, tiredness, anger, insomnia and the battle to resume some sense of normalcy. Recorded by Dwindle’s Brooce Templeton, “Static Until Sunrise” is stylistically transitional for Volante as the band finds itself more comfortable within the confines of it’s own creations.

  1. blood let
  2. the sentinel
  3. the simple lie
  4. clocks and watches
  5. seeing the bright edges
  6. a photo of trophies
  7. warhol death trip
  8. i could just melt
  9. better living
  10. everybody loses

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