• Dwindle was the first real Guilt Ridden Pop band.
  • Recorded by J. Robbins at Inner Ear Studio, History is Easy is the final Dwindle recording.
  • While Dwindle releases did not sell in the millions or make the pages of Rolling Stone, the pockets of fans from all over the world who discovered the band would prove to be loyal throughout the years.
  • Although this release was recorded well over a few years ago the musical relevance has been retained.
  • Brooce has been recording some of the top bands in the twin cities including Volane, Signal to Trust, The Vets, Malachi Constant, Eufio and Sicbay.
  • Jeff curently lives in New York City and has been drumming for Aden.
  • John is currently in grad school
  • History is Easy is a free download release available here and www.dwindleband.com

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