Is/Is is like a field of baby deer. The band looks sweet and docile from a distance, but up close you find yourself amidst a frenzied, bleating, beautiful mess. The latest 7″ from Is/Is, recorded by Neil Weir at Old Blackberry Way and pressed on gorgeous white vinyl, is punctuated by Sarah Nienaber’s pounding bass riffs, Mara Appel’s grooved-out beats, and Sarah Rose’s layered guitar fuzz. Ethereal, almost disaffected vocals sweep over everything, forming a loose, dreamy package that is, at times, as disorienting as a good trip. Perhaps a bit heavier than what we’ve previously heard from Is/Is, their latest release still encapsulates their signature sound: a bit punk, a little shoe-gaze, and a whole lot of awesome.

Martha Weir/The Chambermaids


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